Alla Khinich French Tutor

Bonjour, my name is Alla Khinich and I am a Certified Elementary and Secondary School french Immersion Teacher. I hold the Master Degree Diploma from York University Glendon Campus in Literature and Linguistics and I work as a College Professor at Seneca College, School of Arts and Business, and as a French Instructor at the University of Toronto, School of Continued Studies.

I teach French at corporate companies to help pass the federal government and provincial government French exams as well as to help improve French for business travel and meetings.

I am a secondary French Immersion School Teacher at York Regional District School Board.

I offer a variety of French classes during the weekdays and weekends:

  • Preparation for French Immersion
  • French Immersion Grade 1-3 – Reading, pronunciation, writing, sounds
  • French Immersion Grade (Grade 4 – Grade 8) – Reading, comprehension, verbs, conjugations, tenses (imparfait, passé compose, future), writing and speaking
  • French Immersion Secondary (Grade 9-Grade 12) – Presentations, readings,>essays writing
  • Core French – Enrichment program
  • Academic French (Grade 9 – Grade 12) – Essay writing , grammar, presentations
  • IB program – Prepare for IB entry exam and help to pass Grade 12 IB exam
  • University students – help with assignments, essays, grammar, midterm tests and final exams
  • French Teachers – Lesson plans, Unit plans, prepare for the Board interview in French
  • Prepare for DELF/DALF/TEF exams


Contact Information

182 Cabernet Rd, Thornhill, Ontario, L4J 8V8