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Welcome to Toronto French, your gateway to a powerful language training program specifically designed for executives and professionals engaged in multinational and global operations. I’m Alla Khinich, the creator of Toronto French, bringing two decades of expertise to help executives and professionals communicate with ease and confidence in their multinational endeavors. Our mission is to make you feel absolutely comfortable in French, ensuring your business flourishes, and your career succeeds.

Tailored to Your Industry:

I’m Alla Khinich, creator of Toronto French with 20 years of expertise in helping executives and professionals to communicate with ease and confidence in their multinational operations. My mission is to make you feel absolutely comfortable in French for your business to flourish and for your career to succeed! Feeling lost and powerless in an international meeting because you can’t fully understand what is being said? It’s extremely intimidating, but you are not alone! Did you know that 67% of executives believe that language miscommunications lead to inefficiencies? And that almost 50% agree that it makes collaborations more challenging, which slows down the overall productivity? What if we could offer a simple method for you to quickly and efficiently become proficient in a foreign business culture? Yes, it is possible! We will help you reach that goal by teaching you the language and the specific industry terms, based on the geographic location of your business communication.


Online Programs for the Modern Professional:

Embrace the changing world with our online programs, available worldwide. Whether you frequently travel or require a flexible learning solution, our virtual programs, custom-designed for professionals on the move, bring the classroom to you. Our instructors, flexible and accommodating, use platforms like Skype, Google Hangout, Zoom, or any other online meeting platform to ensure your language class seamlessly fits into your busy schedule.


Lunch & Learn Bootcamps: Elevate Your Fluency:

Participate in our Lunch & Learn Bootcamps—an interactive forum designed to practice and improve your language skills within a compact timeframe. These streamlined sessions are focused on achieving ultimate results in your business communication. Engage in activities that enhance conversational skills, business vocabulary, and participate in mock meetings and role-playing scenarios, all while measuring progress with a checklist at the end.


French Business Immersion Program with Pre-Assessment:

Embark on a Business Immersion Program tailored to your linguistic goals. Beginning with a pre-assessment to gauge your current knowledge, our professional teaching team then consults the Program Director to customize your Core Program for Business Immersion. Elements may include presenting, negotiating, telephone conversations, video-conference coaching, reading, chairing a meeting, and socializing. Your program encompasses verbal and written business communication, ensuring sound production, intelligibility, and the overall impact of your message.


Exam Preparation Courses: Excel with Confidence:

Prepare for various language proficiency tests, whether for business, academic, or personal purposes. Our courses familiarize participants with exam structures and teach effective strategies for educational excellence. From DELF and DALF to TEF, we ensure you succeed with confidence and ease.

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Online French education brings unparalleled advantages, offering learners accessibility and flexibility. Breaking free from geographical constraints, it allows individuals to study from anywhere, fitting seamlessly into busy schedules. The digital resources and interactive tools create an engaging learning environment tailored to diverse learning styles. Beyond mere convenience, online French education democratizes access to quality learning, enabling individuals to pursue language proficiency at their own pace and terms

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