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Embark on a virtual journey of French exploration with Toronto French for Kids, offering dynamic and engaging online programs for young language enthusiasts. Our carefully crafted French Immersion adventures, spanning Grades 1-12, seamlessly transition into the digital realm, ensuring a comprehensive focus on reading, pronunciation, writing, and sounds. Dive into the nuances of comprehension, verbs, conjugations, and various tenses with the flexibility of learning from the comfort of your home.

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Preparation for French Immersion;

French Immersion Grade 1-3 – Reading, pronunciation, writing, sounds;

French Immersion Grade (Grade 4 – Grade 8) – Reading, comprehension, verbs, conjugations, tenses (imparfait, passé compose, future), writing and speaking;

French Immersion Secondary (Grade 9-Grade 12) – Presentations, readings, essays writing


Virtual Core & Academic Excellence (Grades 9-12, IB, University Students)

Experience excellence in French education through our online Core & Academic French programs. Tailored for Grades 9-12, our virtual classrooms provide expert guidance in essay writing, grammar, and presentations. For those aspiring to conquer the IB program, our online support ensures preparedness for the entry exam and Grade 12 IB exam. University students can seamlessly access assistance with assignments, essays, grammar, midterm tests, and final exams, all within the convenience of the online learning environment.


Mastery in Online Exams Preparation

Elevate your French proficiency from the comfort of your screen with our Exams Preparation programs at Toronto French for Kids. Specifically designed for online learning, French teachers can refine their skills with specialized support in lesson plans, unit plans, and preparing for Board interviews in French. Our online platform ensures a seamless preparation for DELF/DALF/TEF exams, offering comprehensive guidance for success in language proficiency assessments.

Focus on enhancing French proficiency for business travel and meetings, ensuring you excel in professional settings. Learn French from certified and experienced instructors.

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Online French education brings unparalleled advantages, offering learners accessibility and flexibility. Breaking free from geographical constraints, it allows individuals to study from anywhere, fitting seamlessly into busy schedules. The digital resources and interactive tools create an engaging learning environment tailored to diverse learning styles. Beyond mere convenience, online French education democratizes access to quality learning, enabling individuals to pursue language proficiency at their own pace and terms

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Embrace the benefits of learning French at Toronto French, where every lesson is a step toward your personal and professional success. From customized programs to expert guidance, our commitment is to make your language journey an enriching and transformative experience. Welcome to Toronto French – Where Excellence Meets Progress!