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A powerful language training program, aimed at executives and professionals in multinational and global operations.

I’m Alla Khinich, creator of Toronto French with 20 years of expertise in helping executives and professionals to communicate with ease and confidence in their multinational operations. My mission is to make you feel absolutely comfortable in French for your business to flourish and for your career to succeed!

Feeling lost and powerless in an international meeting because you can’t fully understand what is being said? It’s extremely intimidating, but you are not alone!

Did you know that 67% of executives believe that language miscommunications lead to inefficiencies? And that almost 50% agree that it makes collaborations more challenging, which slows down the overall productivity?

What if we could offer a simple method for you to quickly and efficiently become proficient in a foreign business culture? Yes, it is possible! We will help you reach that goal by teaching you the language and the specific industry terms, based on the geographic location of your business communication.



We customize our language training programs to meet our client’s communication needs in doing business in Canada and around the world.  Every country’s corporate culture varies, and your success depends on your comfort level and understanding of the foreign partners.

After an in-depth assessment, our team will be able to understand where, with whom, and how you will need to use the language. With this in mind, we will design a personalized program with grammar, vocabulary and goals to meet all your needs.


Our programs are tailored to each industry with sector-specific vocabulary.  Business terminology can vary significantly based on the geographic location, and you need to stay in tune!

Convenience and Flexibility

We provide training on-site and off-site according to our client’s schedule and availability. Virtual tutoring and scenario-based training are customized according to client’s request and business objectives.


Our experienced instructors are native speakers and qualified teachers of a second language. At Toronto French, we guarantee your success and hire only professionally trained staff with proven results.

Online Programs

The world is changing, and we are thrilled to be everywhere you need us to be! If you frequently travel and require a flexible learning solution, our virtual programs are available worldwide.  These scenario-based tutorials are custom-designed for professionals who want to learn a second language or improve their business communication while being on the move.

Toronto French allows you to have your language class online, regardless of where you are. Our instructors are flexible and can accommodate your busy schedule. We can use Skype, Google Hangout, Zoom or any other online meeting platform.

Lunch & Learn Bootcamps


Practice and improve your language skills and fluency in an interactive forum within a compact timeframe. The entire process is streamlined with your objectives in mind, and focused on the ultimate results in your business communication.


Participants will enhance their conversational skills by increasing their general and business vocabulary throughout multiple activities. Participants will be grouped according to their levels, from New Beginner to Advanced (4 to 6 Participants per group). Each group will perform a “mock” meeting and participate in a role-playing scenario, while measuring their progress with a checklist at the end.

Program Outline

A one-hour session will be moderated by Toronto French. The participants will have the opportunity to learn and improve their language skills with colleagues and/or clients. The activities include discussions, role-plays, mini-improvisations, presentations, and a day theme (work, current affairs, social interactions, telephone skills, travel, and others). 

French Business Immersion Program with Pre-Assessment

Your Business Immersion Program begins with a pre-assessment to determine your current level of knowledge and your linguistic goals. This language assessment contains approximately 25 questions, both written and verbal, that will measure your grammar and comprehension. After the assessment, our professional teaching team will consult the Program Director and customize your Core Program for Business Immersion.

Customized Core Program

Depending on your needs and goals, the elements of your Business Immersion Program might include: presenting, negotiating, telephone conversations, video-conference coaching, reading (and understanding business materials), chairing a meeting and socializing.

Your program includes:

  • Verbal business communication: pronunciation and elocution – enhancing sound production, intelligibility, and the overall impact of the message transmitted.
  • Written business communication: grammar and usage – emails, reports, memos, and letters.
  • To ensure highly effective integration of these skills, our instructors will meet weekly to measure and evaluate your progress and adjust the program, if necessary.

Exam Preparation Courses


Preparing professionals for many different language proficiency tests, whether it is for business, academic, or personal purposes.

Language Exams

The most common exams our clients need to prepare for include DELF, DALF, TEF and etc

Program Outline

We familiarize the participants with the structure of the tests and teach them effective strategies for educational excellence.  You will succeed over and over again with confidence and ease!

Tailored to Your Industry

To meet your business demands, all our programs are personalized according to your goals and necessities. Regardless of your industry, role or goal, we will address all the communication situations in which you typically act. To do so, we will take the time to understand the main topics you would discuss, who you communicate with, and what rapport you want to build. Based on the gathered information, we will develop a unique training plan for your ultimate success.

By combining a communication method and a task-based approach, we will reproduce real-life business scenarios to make you feel comfortable and prepared for every situation.

We specialize in teaching general and sector-specific vocabulary in the appropriate cultural context for your industry. You will enhance your language skills by working with substantive content from current news sources and performing engaging activities, such as role-plays, mini-improvisations and debates. The weekly hours you should dedicate to the course will be recommended based on your target and availability.

At Toronto French, we always track your progress. To do so, we focus on developing your proficiency level through can-do goals, which will be introduced progressively during your learning plan. These can-do goals, based on realistic scenarios, are essential to keep you focused, stimulated, and aware of your business needs.

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